How Digitalization Plays in Relationships

In today’s world, it is much easier to create intimate relationships with people. Fostering the same is not as easy as it sounds. With social media altering the foundation of how we relate to people, it is inevitable that all of this will affect the way in which modern-day relationships function. This article explores the role digitalization plays in such relationships.
1. Easier To Connect With More Number Of People
In such a scenario, chances of a person getting attracted to many others and falling prey to extra-marital affairs is also higher. With more and more people being digitally literate, it is easier to locate anyone in the digital world.
2. Better Connectivity Fosters Long-distance Relationships
Today, with more and more options available for texting, calling and video calling, no distance is really too much for couples who are in a long-distance relationship. This is one of the most beneficial effects of digitalization on our relationships.
3. Desire To Check On The Other Person’s Device
By allowing your partner to check out your mobile phone, you might be divulging details you would otherwise not want to. By not allowing this, you will be sowing the seed of mistrust, which will prove to be harmful to your relationship in the long run. Thus, the desire to check your partner’s phone is one of the most fatal things that can happen in a relationship.
4. Tendency To Compare One’s Relationship To The Others Thanks to digitalization and the rapid growth of social media, these days most of our personal life does not remain private at all. With access to intimate details of the private life of someone else, we often end up comparing ourselves with that person.
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