Hot khajoor milk for winters – recipe and benefits

Come winters and there are a whole lot of traditional drinks and home remedies people start following. One tradition that was followed at home was of consuming khajoor milk or dates milk before bed time when we were kids. Once we grew up, we started consuming it with breakfast or to curb early evening hunger pangs. It’s a healthy drink with no additional fat or excess sugars. Here’s the recipe:


  • Milk — 2 cups
  • Dates — 8-10
  • Cardamom powder or cinnamon — a pinch


  1. You will need soft dates for this. Soak dates in half milk overnight if the dates are little hard or dry.
  2. In the morning, heat the dates and milk in a pan until the paste thickens. Blend it in the mixer grinder to a smooth paste.
  3. Heat the 2 cups of milk in the same pan. Bring it to a boil and add the dates paste and cardamom or cinnamon powder. Boil till the paste mixes thoroughly with the milk.
  4. Serve hot or lukewarm at night or for breakfast.

Benefits of drinking dates milk in winters:

  • Dates and milk both are known for their bone strengthening properties. Joint pains are a common complaint during winters. Consuming dates milk regularly will make it easy for them to carry out daily physical activities.
  • Dates contain high amounts of sulphur which keeps infections at bay. Drinking a glass of khajoor milk will reduce the seasonal allergies. Read: 5 reasons dates (khajur) are good for your health.
  • Winters are a time when you feel dull and drowsy because of the lack of sunlight. The natural sugars in dates provide instant energy and keep you active throughout the day.
  • Winters are also the time when you are sexually more active. The dates and milk mix is an age-old formula to build more endurance and also works like an aphrodisiac. Read: Do men really want more sex in the winter?
  • Winters also bring along digestion issues and gastric problems. Dates are rich in fibre and hence aid digestion. They also help in producing the good bacteria.

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