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1 year ago
Holiday Gifts: What to Give Your Best Friend

Christmas gifts: knife holder
1/13 Lisa Shin
The Ex knife holder
More practical than a voodoo doll.

Christmas gift: ring
2/13 Lisa Shin
Limited-edition Very Hollywood Michael Kors solid perfume ring
For the chicks who are always full of surprises.

Christmas gifts: buddha candle
3/13 Lisa Shin
Blissliving Home Buddha candle
Instant Zen for when she's burning the candle at both ends.

Christmas gifts: travel-sized nail polish
4/13 Lisa Shin
OPI Mini Merries nail lacquers
Clutch-sized for in-transit touch-ups.
$10 for set of four, for stores

Christmas gifts: margarita set
5/13 Lisa Shin
Margarita mixes to go
For a girls' night on the fly.
$5 for set of five,

Christmas gifts: sports watch
6/13 Lisa Shin
TKO Orlogi Allie watches
Sporty enough for workouts, stylish enough for work.
$125 each,

Christmas gifts: ipod shuffle
7/13 Lisa Shin
Apple iPod 2GB Shuffle
Her gym buddy when you flake.

Christmas gifts: latte bowls
8/13 Lisa Shin
Anthropologie latte bowls
Great for coffee, ice cream, or sprucing up her cupboards.
$30 for set of six,

Christmas gifts: stationery
9/13 Lisa Shin
Vera Wang stationery
At least you'll get a pretty thank-you note.
$22 to $32 for set of 10,

Christmas gifts: salad tossing set
10/13 Lisa Shin
Black + Blum salad plant
A clever salad tossing set.

Christmas gifts: necklace
11/13 Lisa Shin
Chico's necklace
Goes with a plain white tee or her LBD.
$88, 888-855-4986

Christmas gifts: roller skate door stop
12/13 Lisa Shin
Harry Allen roller stop
Unlike her last boyfriend, this will hold the door open.

Dearfoams Boots
Keep her toes toasty with cable knit slippers.


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