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1 year ago
Holiday Gifts: What to Bring the Hostess

Christmas gifts: wine
1/8 Lisa Shin
Barefoot Bubbly rosé cuvée champagne
It only tastes expensive.
$10, for stores

Christmas gifts: bowl
2/8 Lisa Shin
Origo bowl
Just as colorful as flowers, but much longer lasting.

Christmas gifts: paring knife
3/8 Lisa Shin
Colori paring knife
A knife in a hot hue takes the drudgery out of slicing veggies.

Christmas gifts: room diffuser
4/8 Lisa Shin
Red Flower organic room diffuser
Smells as lovely as it looks.

Christmas gifts: cloth napkins
5/8 Lisa Shin
Balinese fair-trade napkins
Elegant cloth napkins clean up messes and the environment.
$17.50 for four,

Christmas gifts: carafe
6/8 Lisa Shin
Ichendorf double-walled oil/vinegar carafe
Elevates salad dressing to artful new heights.

Christmas gifts: bar-tool kit
7/8 Lisa Shin
Martha Stewart Collection at Macy's seven-piece bar-tool kit (tray and stand not shown)
This gift will raise the bar.

Whisky Stones by Teroforma
These natural soapstone cubes are ideal for putting a chill in your whisky without the taste-ruining mess of melting ice.

$20 for set of 9

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