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11 months ago
Himalaya Provides The Right Intimate Care For Every New Mom With Their Exclusive Range Of Products

The journey of pregnancy and the following labour is a whole new experience for every new mom. Not only do we need to get mentally prepared to welcome a new life, but the body undergoes a world of changes. From hormones playing havoc to dealing with stretch marks and food cravings and aversions, there is a lot happening inside every new mom!

Himalaya FOR MOMS:

Himalaya, a brand that understands what every customer, young or old, actually needs, launched Himalaya FOR MOMS, a year ago, emphasising their brand’s message- #BecauseYouNeedTakingCareOfToo. It included a whole new range of massage oil, body butter, anti-rash cream and nipple care butter and for mothers to splurge on and pamper themselves.

The intimate care every woman needs:

And now, they have taken one step further, to help new moms maintain healthy intimate hygiene practices.  With the hormonal changes playing havoc, there are chances for the body to develop body odour, vaginal infections and irritations during pregnancy and post-delivery phase.

What’s used in these products:

Laced with anti-fungal properties, the intimate care range of products are enriched with the goodness of Tea Tree Oil, Pongamia Oil, Lavender Oil, and Lactic Acid, which help in restoring the vaginal pH balance. These natural ingredients help in preventing those dreaded itchiness, dryness, and irritation while maintaining the freshness in the intimate area.


Himalaya Intimate Wash FOR MOMS and Himalaya Intimate Wipes FOR MOMS come in various pack sizes of 100 ml, 200 ml and 10s, 25s respectively. So you know you can carry it easily when you are travelling as well.

Shop: Here

Where to buy:

Himalaya products, with its wide national presence, will be available in your neighbourhood chemist shops, pharmacies, online and exclusive Himalaya outlets as well.

You Can Also Shop Here:

Himalaya for Moms Toning Massage Oil

Himalaya for Moms Soothing Body Butter

Himalaya for Moms Anti Rash Cream

This post is written in association with The Himalaya Drug Company.

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