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1 year ago
Here's Why You Feel Grumpy When Hungry; You'll Be Surprised!

  • This feeling of being hungry makes us irritated
  • Some have named this situation as being 'hangry'
  • Being extremely hungry may make you crave for junk foods
Have you been guilty of snapping at someone when you were hungry? Don't you hate it? This feeling of being hungry and not being able to eat anything makes us irritated and angry. Interestingly, some have named this situation as being 'hangry'- a composite of hungry and angry. If you relate to this phenomenon, you are not the only one. But have you ever wondered what makes you so worked up when you don't get food? If this has got you curious, we tell you what the reason behind this phenomenon is.

According to Health Practitioner and Macrobiotic Health Coach Shilpa Arora, "Food is fuel for the brain; it energizes each cell in the body. Nutrient depletion due to scarcity of food can cause serious health problems and the indications include getting angry and grumpy, experiencing muscle loss and various deficiencies. If we are content and satiated, we release hormones for various functions in our body. Serotonin and melatonin are relaxing hormones. Whereas, if we remain hungry our body goes into stress mode producing more cortisol that leads to irritability and anger."

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if we remain hungry our body goes into stress mode​

A Simple Explanation

We break down an explanation of this phenomenon of getting grumpy when you are hungry-

There are certain nutrients that reach our body when we ingest food; some of them being carbohydrates, proteins and fats that are digested into simple sugars, amino acids and free fatty acids. These nutrients tend to pass in to your bloodstream, from where they are distributed to the organs and tissues that are used for energy.

As the time passes after your last meal, the amount of these nutrients begin to drop; this is why they do not completely reach the organs and tissues. As your blood-glucose level falls, your brain perceives it as a famine situation. While other parts of the body may not be dependent on glucose for their functioning, but brain is critically dependent on it.


As the time passes after your last meal, the amount of these nutrients begin to drop

As your blood-glucose levels drop, it becomes difficult for your brain to function properly. Most of the times, you find it hard to concentrate and make silly mistakes, become groggy and grumpy. This increases the chances of you snapping at others or getting irritated on minute issues.

Dealing With Anger When You Are Hungry

Being extremely hungry may make you crave for chocolates and junk foods that are quick-fix foods; while they may induce large blood-glucose levels quickly, there is chance that these levels may come crashing down reversing the effects. The best way to avoid being angry is to quickly eat something; however, try eating foods that can satiate your hunger. Healthy and filling foods like eggs, oats, boiled potatoes, apples etc. can solve the purpose.

Now you know why you feel grumpy when you are hungry. Go on, grab some food! 


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