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1 year ago
Here's What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Core Values

In life, there are bound to be certain things that hold a heavier weight where you might value their influence and prioritize them over others. Your core values make you who you are: they determine what steps you take in life, what your goals are, who you wish to surround yourself with, how you want others to perceive you, and even what sexual traits you have. It makes sense that these values would relate back to your personality, and it just so happens you can also look into the zodiac for some clues. The zodiac has great predictors of certain characteristics and behavioral patterns you'll have based on your sign, and while it's still a generalization and not set in stone, it's worth looking into. You never know - the stars might be on to something. Here are the core values you cherish based on your sign, astrological life coach, psychic, and astrologer Joshua MacGuire tells POPSUGAR.

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