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10 months ago
Here’s why you should sanitize your smart phones!

Germs include virus, bacteria and fungi, and they are everywhere. We have germs inside our bodies and on our skin and most of them are harmless. In fact, we need some germs, like the ‘good bacteria’ on our skin and in our gut, to stay healthy. While we are not trying to make you a germaphobe, we just want you to limit exposure to pathogens or germs that can cause the disease. So you think you do not need to clean your phone because it is germ-free? Think again.

Phone is a mobile carrier of germs
You take your phone everywhere with you, even the bathroom. Your phone is almost like an extension of your hands which does not get washed or cleaned. The surfaces of the bathroom, especially the public ones, are often covered in traces of faecal matter that contain pathogens like salmonella. The cold and flu viruses can also linger on the faucets and the door knobs. So your phone is a mobile carrier of germs and you need to be extremely cautious of them.

Not all germs make you sick
But whether or not the germs on your phone make you sick depends on the type of germ, your immune system, and your phone habits. However, the risk is always there, especially during the cold and flu season. And when the dirty phone touches your face, you get those breakouts. Here are the diseases you can get from a public toilet. 

Sanitize your phone
So make sure that you sanitize your phone by wiping it with a microfiber cloth lightly dampened with a diluted alcohol solution. Don’t use antibacterial wipes, which can damage the screen. You can sanitize once a week right after you have placed your phone in, particularly dirty place. These 7 everyday things you use are also covered with germs.

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