Here’s what NOT to do to your skin during winters

Winter is here. The change in the weather affects our skin drastically. And hence it is very important to know what your skin wants during each season. The cold climate tends to rob you off all the natural oils present in your skin and makes your skin dry and flaky. While moisturising does help but it can only do so much. You must make amends in your skin care regimen during winters for healthier skin and here are things you must not do to lose the natural oils in your skin-

Excessive exfoliation(Peeling): Exfoliation does help getting rid of dead skin and but too much of it, especially during winters might take away the natural oils from your skin.

Excessive cleansing: Cleansing products have a lot of chemicals and tend to make your skin dry by stripping your skin off its natural oils while cleaning your skin. Use cleansing methods that are oil based.

Excessive scrubbing: Scrub granules are harsh on your skin. Excessive of it might even cause inflammation and take away all the natural oils from your skin.

Using hot water: Hot water leads to dry skin. Especially on the face, try using cold or normal water to retain the natural oils in your skin. Or even better use facial oils before going for a bath to retain the moisture in your skin.

Using matte cosmetic: Matte cosmetics have a tendency of making your skin dry by absorbing the natural oils present in your skin. Avoid matte cosmetics especially lipsticks as much as possible. In fact, you may want to try out these moisturiser hacks for a dewy look.

Facewashes: Do not use face washes many times in a day. Even if you are choosing a facewash, choose the one moisture base.

These natural oils on your skin are important and help balance the pH level of your skin. Bookmark this post and let us know if you have something that you do to preserve the natural oils in your skin.

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