Here’s Why You Need To Book Your Tickets For Bengaluru’s Dum Dama Dum Festival

The theatre as an art form is slowly finding a revival in today’s times and that’s a positive sign. Introducing children to the world of theatre and plays is touted as crucial in helping them develop their communication skills, their confidence, overcome their stage fear and develop an overall confidence. And if you are a parent in Bengaluru who is nodding as you read this, we tell you why you must book your tickets for the Dum Dama Dum- Children’s Theatre and Reading Festival.

What is Dum Dama Dum- Children’s Theatre & Reading Festival:

Spearheaded by Atta Galatta– the one stop shop for interesting and fun events and workshops for kids in Bengaluru, the theatre and reading festival looks to combine the 2 most important things in one’s childhood-drama and reading.

The 2 day festival will have plays for children from various renowned theatre group’s while on another level they can enter into a world of books from their favourite authors and publishers. Buy tickets here.

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The Abhimanyu Project


Abhimanyu learnt the art of war while he was in Subhadra’s womb. His father, Arjuna, told Subhadra how to enter the chakrayvuh and the baby in the womb learned it all, step by step.

Flying Marbles

A series of short stories done in ‘complete the story’ format, where children are invited to suggest how the play should end allowing their young voices to be heard.

Some Some Story

PuppeTree presents Some Some Story – A marionette puppet show. A contemporary live puppet show that will take you to a magical world, away from your squeaky gadgets.  Come and experience this unique performance which talks about different things like the bond that we share with nature and gadget addiction.

Town Musicians of Brehmen

Well there is a Donkey and a dog and a hen and a cat.. and a twisting plot with action and drama and rib-tickling visuals and eye-popping music.

Z Glitch by Drama Queen

The Z Glitch is an error in the system that deleted all the books. A little girl enters a library only to find all the books missing and the world is just technology.

Robi’s Garden by BLT

The material for the theatrical production is drawn from a great fund of Tagore’s writing, a lot of it for children, but enjoyed by grown-up audiences widely.


1st-3rd December


Atta Galatta, 134 KHB Colony, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru



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