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10 months ago
Healthy weight gain recipe for winter: ginger amla barfi

For weight gain, Ayurveda has a trove of healthy recipes like the potato pudding or aloo halwa. But even if you are underweight and are struggling to put on weight, you must make sure you don’t overindulge in these foods that help you put on weight.  This ginger and amla barfi recipe by Ayurvedacharya Dr Partap Chauhan, director, Jiva Ayurveda, is perfect for those who want weight gain. Besides weight gain, this Indian dessert has other health benefits too. Ginger and amla have many medicinal properties. While ginger is good for digestion, gastric fire, heart and intestines, amla benefits the bones, skin, hair and blood. This recipe is great for those afflicted with diseases of the respiratory system like bronchitis, sinusitis etc. Patients suffering from osteoarthritis can also take this as ginger reduces inflammation in the joints. Ginger pacifies vata and kapha while amla pacifies pitta. So as a whole, the recipe does not disturb the balance of doshas and is, therefore, suitable for all. Due to the presence of ghee and sugar, it can cause weight gain. So persons with overweight should eat it cautiously.

- Gooseberries 250 gms
- Sugar 300 gms
- Ghee 3/4 Cup
- Cornflour 1 tbsp
- All-purpose flour 1/2 Cup
- Cashew nuts 2 tbsps
- Cinnamon powder 1 tbsp
- Ginger 50 gms

- Boil gooseberries and remove seeds from it. Then grind to make a paste.
- Clean the skin of ginger and boil this, then grind to make a thick paste.
- In a hot bowl add sugar and water to make sticky one-string consistency syrup.
- Now add the gooseberries paste, ghee and ginger paste and mix with a spoon.
- Once it becomes a thick paste, add all-purpose flour, cornflour, cinnamon powder, and mix it thoroughly with a spoon.
- After about 10 minutes, switch off the flame. Apply ghee on a plate and pour this mixture into it. Let it cool a little. The ghee will prevent the mixture from sticking to the plate.
- Cut into pieces and garnish with cashew nuts.

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