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10 months ago
Health benefits of carrot seed essential oil

Carrot seed essential oil is a very well-known in the world of essential oils due to a gamut of health benefits that it has. Carrot seed essential oil is safe for consumption and topical use. Take a look at its health benefits.

Detoxifies the Body
Carrot seed oil can be used as a great natural ingredient to detoxify the blood, muscles, tissues, and internal organs. Using the organic carrot seed essential oil can help you neutralize excess bile secreted by the liver and cure infections. Even though it is used in various cuisines, you might want to use it by inhaling it by putting it in your diffuser because it works wonders if used via aromatherapy.

Helps combat Infections
A great antiseptic, this powerful essential oil is known to help cure infections and protect against germs. It even has the ability to help prevent tetanus. You can apply carrot seed oil to combat infections on the skin and in open wounds too. It is even ingested to help to protect from infections of the mouth, throat, colon, intestines, stomach and urinary system.

Is an emmenagogue
Carrot essential oil makes period cramps less painful. It even helps to regulate your periods.
Stimulates growth of new cells and tissues
Carrot seed essential oil has healing properties and hence can be used on wounds etc to help stimulate the growth of new cells and tissues in our bodies.
Antioxidant properties
Carrot seed essential oil is rich in antioxidants which infuses a lot of anti-ageing benefits in it. It helps reduce wrinkles and hair loss and also help repair the damaged skin tissues by oxidants (free radicals). It even helps preventing your joints from stiffening and muscle from weakness. Some studies also prove that it helps declining eyesight too.



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