Have you heard of 'unicorn hunting'? It's the latest trend among adventurous co...

We’re sure you’re familiar with polygamous relationships – an arrangement where a couple can have intimate encounters with more than one person, but with the knowledge of all the partners involved.

Polyamory is passé now and adventurous couples are getting attracted to another fad: ‘Unicorn hunting’. Yes, it’s as unusual as it sounds. Unicorn hunting refers to an arrangement where couples invite a third person into their relationship, and have group sex.

It’s a popular trend in the UK, but getting such a partner is not a cakewalk. The ‘Unicorn’ needs to meet certain criteria before a ‘triad’ or a ‘trouple’ is formed.

Most importantly, the unicorn must be a bisexual woman. She must be sexually and romantically exclusive to the couple. She should be romantically attracted to both the partners equally, and be interested in only having group sex with them. At the same time, while being so involved with them, the couple is clear that the ‘unicorn’ cannot come between them.

Phew. That is expecting a lot. No wonder then that the trend is called unicorn hunting. The mythical creature unicorn is just as elusive!

If one partner takes to this new arrangement more than the other, it might even result in a break up. (Shutterstock)

Couples who go for unicorn hunting believe that exclusivity is not necessary for a fulfilling and long-term relationship. And by letting their partners explore their sexuality freely, they feel it actually nourishes their equation.

However, it doesn’t always result in a happy ending. Sometimes, one half of the couple may begin to feel insecure, jealous or threatened by the addition of the third person. Many critics have also pointed out that the clause that demands the ‘unicorn’ to be a bisexual woman could just be a way for men to sleep with more women while ensuring that their girlfriends or wives don’t sleep with other men. In some cases, if one partner takes to this new arrangement more than the other, it might even result in a break up. An attempt to add spice to your relationship may completely backfire.

Unlike polyamorous relationships, here, a ‘unicorn’ doesn’t have any real rights. The bisexual woman has a lot of restrictions -- her freedom is curtailed by the couple’s wishes. It sounds like a raw deal for someone to just be sexually exclusive to two persons and not develop romantic feelings for anyone, or consider other options.

All in all, ‘unicorn hunting’ is something that couples should have a lot of debate over before deciding to go ahead with it. Carefully consider the various pros and cons involved because a delicate subject such as your sex life can decide the future of your relationship.

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