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11 months ago
Happy New Year: Ways to ensure you don’t get drunk at New Year parties- tried and tested tricks

For most of us, partying equals getting sloshed with drinks, whether they are vodka or tequila shots, mojitos and cosmos or beers and sangrias. There’s no denying the fact that drinking out with friends is fun. Getting drunk, on the other hand, never ends well. Not for you, not for others around you. Social embarrassment aside, there are many ways excess alcohol can cause harm to your kidney, liver and other parts of your body. Not just health, alcohol can effectively ruin your skin and hair too, causing problems like hair loss and wrinkles. This New Year’s Eve party, here are some tips that will help you drink responsibly, keep your body healthy and help you have fun!

1) Drink plenty of water before, during and after partying: How do you keep track of how much water you drink while you’re partying, you ask? It’s actually not that difficult. When you’re drinking you get dehydrated and thirsty. Most of us drink more alcohol to quench this thirst. Instead, go to the bar and ask for water before, during and after the party. Ensure that you’re drinking glasses full of water. Water helps dilute the effect of alcohol, hydrates the body and keeps you energetic which will come in handy while dancing!

2) Pee often: When you’re drinking a lot of water + alcohol, you WILL need to use the loo more often. Alcohol is a diuretic. Peeing often will clear your body of alcohol.

3) Eat a healthy meal just before drinking: It will really help to keep your eyes on the appetizers/starters that are being passed around. This might seem a bit difficult to do when you’re busy busting moves on the dance floor. But feeding yourself will help dilute the effect of alcohol. Make sure you’re not eating oily and greasy food. Oily food mixed with alcohol can give you acid reflex and worsen your hangover the next day. One good method is to eat a healthy meal before you go out drinking. When your body is full with food, you’re likely to drink less alcohol. It will also take a longer time for your stomach lining to absorb alcohol.

4) Stick to one drink per hour: Mixing alcohols, drinking too many quickly, drinking bottoms up are sure shot ways to get drunk quickly. Savour each drink as slowly as possible.

5) Always have a partner:  A friend, your SO, your colleague —there should be someone (trustworthy) you must designate as your drinking partner. Their role includes ensuring you don’t overdo those colourful shots at the bar, making you drink water and eat regularly, accompanying you to the loo and most importantly, ensuring you’re back home safe after a great night out.

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