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Happy Cake Day: 5 Most Indulgent Chocolate Cakes You Must Try

Happy Cake Day! Life is too short to say no to cake and we can't agree more. Be it a lavish party or a cosy celebration, a cake is one staple that makes every celebration special. And if happens to be chocolate, the better it is. Call it a bias or whatever you like, but there is something about a chocolate cake that just works its charm right from the moment you spot it at the bakery till you are done with the last moist bit of the decadent goodness. Spongy chocolate cake whipped with chocolate butter cream loaded with a melt-in-the-mouth ganache frosting is exactly what chocolate dreams are made of. This chocolate day, celebrate with an all-time favourite chocolate cake preparation. Here are 5 chocolate cakes that you must try today!

1. Chocolate Fudge Cake

The smooth and creamy fudge cake made denser and buttery with addition of more chocolate is one culinary marvel we can't get enough of. They say Chocolate was the food of Gods, and a bite into this heavenly goodness would explain to you just why! This cake day delve in the silky goodness and thank God for chocolate!

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chocolate cake

Chocolate fudge cake is a chocolate lover's dream come true

2. Chocolate Truffle Cake

You saw this coming, didn't you! One of the most favourite chocolate cakes across the country, the dense and moist chocolate cake layered with a creamy, dark chocolate ganache with additional topping of chocolate flakes has been your companion through times good and bad. The silky chocolate melting in your hands as you bite into the soft and moist goodness is one messy affair we don't mind anytime of the day.

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chocolate cake

There cant be a treat more decadent than a piece of Chocolate truffle cake

3. Chocolate Chip Cookie Layer Cake

What happens when you bring together the indulgent chocolate cookie with chunky chocolate chips! A chocolate explosion! Moist chocolate cake layered with chocolate cream, loaded with finely crumbled cookies and chocolate chips, you won't mind ditching your diet for this sinful indulgence.

chocolate cookie
Celebrate cake day with a bite of this moist goodness. 

4. Choco Lava Cake

The soft spongey cake holding a molten chocolatey surprise inside is an instant mood lifter. A visual and culinary treat out and out, we feel there can't be a better start to your winters than indulging in the gooey goodness of a choco lava cake. You can try making one for yourself with this simple recipe by Chef Vicky Ratnani.

choco lava cake

5. Chocolate Pound Cake

The British High Tea staple is every sweet lover's dream come true. Buttery and dense pound cake drizzled with chocolate glaze and topped with chocolate flakes is a treat you just can't say no to.

chocolate cake

Chocolate pound cake

Happy Cake Day!


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