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11 months ago
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There is no denying that there’s a certain amount of pressure on women to shave, wax or laser off their body hair. And if these women are celebrities whose every move is photographed and documented, then there’s more scrutiny. Recently, Gigi Hadid made headlines when she did a video shoot for a Christmas calendar embracing her natural underarm hair. Fans were surprised that the model was flaunting a dark patch which sources claim was merely loose fibres from her jacket. Trolls had a field day shaming the model for “forgetting” to clean her armpits. While some called it a bold feminist statement, others said it was disgusting and unclean. 

As the body hair debate continues, we take a look at other celebs who embraced their body hair. 


Miley Cyrus

Miley is someone who doesn’t believe in conforming to typical beauty norms and had even spoken out about her show Hannah Montana giving young girls unrealistic ideas. The singer last year not only flaunted her grown out armpit hair on Instagram but also happily dyed it hot pink and showcased the process. She was, of course, slammed for her posts with many insisting there’s no excuse for unshaven armpits, but the pop star was least affected by the comments. 


Lady Gaga

The songstress, who is known for her outrageous outfits, is equally bold when it comes to displaying body hair. Lady Gaga performed at a music awards show in Canada with turquoise coloured armpit hair to match her locks. She has not shied away from posting snaps of her stubbled armpits on Instagram and has even shown her pubic hair for the cover of a style magazine. 



Candice Pinto

I think it depends from individual to individual. Gigi Hadid may have had her reasons, like a lack of time, for not removing her underarm hair. In fact, in some cultures, body hair is also considered sexy. I found her magazine shoot a bit in my face. Personally, as a model I often wear clothes that expose the underarms, so it’s a necessity to be fuzz-free. Having said that, If you’re comfortable with it you should keep it. 


Alesia Raut

I think the profession demands one to be hair-free. Somewhere showing fuzz on the body has become unacceptable for women. But if a model displays body hair once in a while, one shouldn’t make a big deal of it. For my work commitments, I am particular about unwanted hair. There is a certain amount of pressure on women to look perfect and hair-free, but it’s ultimately up to the individual.


Dipannita  Sharma

It’s a known fact that women have much pressure to be well turned out and are judged on the basis of their physical appearance much more than men. About the Gigi Hadid episode, I’m not sure what it actually is. It could just be something blown out of proportion. Personally, knowingly I would never flaunt body hair. I just find it inelegant. If it happens by mistake, then I apologise in advance. I feel we should just breathe a little and not make a big deal. out of everything. 


Julia Roberts

Julia went the au naturel route when she showcased her hairy underarms at the London premiere of Notting Hill back in 1999. The actress received major flak for this, with many questioning if the million dollar star couldn’t afford hair removal. 


Drew Barrymore

Drew hasn’t been afraid to flaunt her natural body hair, often showcasing her underarm growth. While she isn’t always unshaven, the actress hasn't been afraid to pose for pictures with her hair on full display. 


Sophia Loren

The classic beauty was not one who felt compelled to go under the razor. Sophia, in fact, proudly flaunted her armpit hair in eye-grabbing halter dresses. The Hollywood star didn’t bother with hair removal even during her film shoots.  


Bella Thorne

Bella is an expert now at shutting down fans who want her to use a razor. While attending a red carpet event a year ago, a fan tweeted asking her to shave her legs. The actress just replied with a “Hahaha never.” In June this year, she proudly showed off her unshaved underarms on her SnapChat account as well. 



Madonna’s don’t-give-a-damn attitude is evident in her grooming too. A few years ago, she shared a selfie on Instagram with the caption, “Long hair... Don’t Care! #artforfreedom #rebelheart#revolutionoflove.” At the beginning of this year, the pop star shared a picture of a Nike logo shaved into her pubic hair to announce her participation in the Women’s March in Washington DC. Her daughter Lourdes too has followed in her mom’s footsteps, flaunting her underarm growth while holidaying in Miami. She was trolled for the same, and labelled a “gross feminist.”

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