Hair care tips for winters

Winter hair care tips

Winter hair care tipsMostly people complain about dry hair and scalp during winter season as it takes way the moisture from your hair and scalp. Less moisture makes the skin flake more easily, leading to dandruff and weakened hair and also causes split ends.

So we got in touch with Dr. Karuna Malhotra to share some hair care tips one should opt during winter :

Mistakes that are making your hair oily
Mistakes that are making your hair oily

1. Oil often — This is the best time that you should nourish your hair with lots of oil. Massage with Luke warm coconut oil and cover it with hot towel for few mins. It leaves your hair smooth and shiny.

2. Avoid streaking, coloring, rebonding in winter as it gives your hair more dryness and leads to split ends.

3. Spa mandatory – Treat yourself to a hair spa every fortnight. It involves oil massage, steaming and shampooing followed by a deep conditioning mask. It increases scalp blood circulation.

Dr Karuna Malhotra
Dr Karuna Malhotra

4. Cover your head when go out — Avoid woolen caps and scarves as it rubs against your hair and leads to breakage; instead go for satin or silk caps or scarves.

5. Conditioning necessary — Do not shampoo often but whenever shampoo your hairs always use mild shampoos and serums during winter and use of ‘leave-in-conditioners’ which will keep the scalp moist for a longer time.

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