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10 months ago
Guys, here's the bottom line: Skinny goes out, comfy is in, this summer

Right in time for the changing season, easy-fit silhouettes are taking over. Menswear spring and summer collections from across the globe, including the recent Lakmé Fashion Week in Mumbai, was a testimony to the fact that your summer closet needs roomy fits and fabrics that breathe. “The shift is not sudden. We did have slim-fit pants and skinny denims ruling the roost, but fashion always witnesses a shift. Men are going to love easy-fit pants this summer,” says designer Dhruv Vaish.

“This trend has gone in and out, over the years. Roomier, pleated trousers are best for a relaxed summer dressing. I would prefer flared linen trousers over any other fabric to beat the heat in summer and flannel fabric for winter,” opines designer Gaurav Khanijo.

There’s no reason why you should buck the trend, but you need to keep a few things in mind when it comes to the right fit and styling.

1. Get the trousers tapered to guard against billowing.

2. Go for pleated, wide-legged trousers, as they look more flattering across body types.

3. Make sure they are high-waisted, to get that 70s vibe.

Those heavier around the thighs should balance out the wide quotient. “For all body types, the length should neither be too short or too long, and the hem should just touch the floor,” says stylist Sanjay Kumar. “Relaxed trousers look good with round-toed shoes,” he adds.

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