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Grill Cooking Goodies

1/8 Courtesy of Big Dipper Wax Works
Night Light
Keep the shindig going after sunset with all-natural citronella torches by Big Dipper Wax Works. When one bug-repellant beeswax and soy candle burns down, pop another into the reusable bamboo base. $16,
2/8 Mitch Mandel
Burn Notice
Traditional briquettes release 105 times more carbon monoxide than propane does. Lazzari 100 percent natural mesquite charcoal, made from ecologically harvested wood, is a carbon-neutral, flavorenhancing alternative. $15 for a 20-pound bag,
3/8 Courtesy of Graphic Works Atlanta
Bites Begone
Deter unwanted guests—the creepycrawly kind—with these genius geraniol insect-repelling wristbands. They keep bugs at bay for up to 120 hours, no sticky sprays or harmful chemicals required. $5 each,
4/8 Courtesy of Preserve
Well Served
Dishwasher safe and durable, each Preserve On-the-Go recycled plate is good for hundreds of uses. $7 for eight,
5/8 Courtesy of Jose Maran Cosmetics
Block Better
Save your skin and the earth: Josie Maran Protect SPF 40+ Daily Sun Protection is infused with argan oil (from the Moroccan tree of the same name), which can help reverse sun damage. $32, at Sephora stores
6/8 Courtesy of Outset Inc.
Tool Time
Bamboo-handled Verde tongs by Outset are as good for the environment as they are for your cookout. $10, Olive & Myrtle,
7/8 Courtesy of Stirrings
Natural Selection
Made with pure cane sugar and fresh juices, Stirrings all-natural cocktail mixers are your shortcut to refreshing summer libations. $9, at Whole Foods Market stores
8/8 Mitch Mandel
Tray Chic
Weatherproof and made of recycled materials, Soleil serving trays will stand up to whatever Mother Nature dishes out. $39 small, $82 large,
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