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5 days ago
Grandma mistook grandson’s sex toys for socks

Nothing can be more embarrassing than your parents discovering the secret wardrobe corners you stuff with those kinky fantasy stuff. Social media user @analKABAO, posted a similar shocking yet funny incident on Twitter. His grandmother was looking for socks and discovered two flesh-lights in her grandson’s wardrobe. Thinking them to be socks, she wore them to bed to keep her feet warm.

When he entered the room, he was horrified to see his grandmother wearing them. He shared on Twitter, “The old woman told me that I borrowed some cold socks in your room. When I went to see the old woman while thinking, I put on the onahole which I bought the other day no matter how it looked, and the trembling does not stop in gachi.”

For taking them off, he had to tell the truth to his grandma. Recording the incident, he writes: At the age of 21, I didn't think i'd be pulling an onahole out of my grandmother's leg…

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