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Going nuts over Nutella | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis

As people across the globe give thanks for this delicious spread that makes sandwiches irresistible and desserts to die for, we decided to celebrate World Nutella Day (that falls on February 5) with our picks of yummy Nutella dishes and drinks. Here’s a round-up of what’s on offer and why and where you should try them.

Nutella and Toffee Tart

Think sinful indulgence and that’s exactly what this dish is. A perfect combination of flavours that are simply irresistible. It looks like a pastry but don’t let that deception fool you, as what you get is a sinful tart.

USP is: Prashant Issar, culinary director and co-founder, Mirchi and Mime says, “In India, people love chocolate and hazelnut so getting them to try Nutella was the easy part. The dish with the addition of dark chocolate and white chocolate ganache makes for a sinful treat, and while it’s a hit with Nutella lovers, it’s also something the others can’t resist for its burst of flavours and textures.”COST: Rs 245AT: Mirchi and Mime, Powai

Bun Maska Nutella Pav

No one can eat just one, could easily be the tag that precedes this dish. The eternal favourite of Mumbaikars gets a heavenly spread of Nutella that is an ideal breakfast or tea-time snack.

USP is: Nakul Kumar, founder of The Bombay Brox says, “Bun Maska is a favourite snack of Mumbaikars. We tried adding Nutella to it to make it the perfect combination of butter, pav and Nutella. We give it in pairs, as no one can eat just one.”COST: Rs 230AT: The Bombay Bronx, Breach Candy

The Raasta Special

The Raasta Special pastry is a dessert with a mélange of Raastafari colours with luscious nutty and chocolaty Nutella.

USP is: Chef Abhishek Giri says, “We wanted to create a dessert that reflects our theme. So, we used vanilla sponge with Raasta colours. For making it is a special dish, we needed something extraordinarily, so, Nutella was our first choice. The blend of hazelnut and chocolate was just perfect for the pastry.”COST: Rs 225AT: Raasta Bombay, Khar

Cafe Neto

Enjoy a Cornetto in the form of a shot.

USP is: Sandeep Sharma, beverage manager, says, “The inside of the cone is coated with a chocolate syrup and a mix of Nutella, vodka, brewed coffee is poured into the mini cone. This is finished of with cream on top. One is hit by the kick of the vodka and coffee, the crunch of the cone, the nutty sweetness of the Nutella, and the smoothness of the cream.”COST: Rs 215AT: Hoppipola outlets in the city

Nutella Pizza

A wood-fired oven pizza is always to die for, and when it comes with a spread of Nutella, the combination is simply divine.

USP is: Krishna Gupta, partner says, “We wanted to offer the best of both worlds with our Nutella pizza. We use our pizza base, which is made with Double 0 Italian flour, and it’s baked in a wood-fired oven. On top of it we pour in a lot of nutella chocolate and also mix in some chilli flakes to create an element of surprise. The right mix of sweet and savoury is essential and what our customers love. We add some marshmallows, which we burn and some seasonal fruits. Then we top it with some sugar crystals.”COST: Rs 245AT: 1441 Pizzeria, Fort

Nutella Mushroom garden

The dessert consists of a unique mushroom garden on the platter where all elements are 100 per cent edible and made of interesting edible ingredients to give it a real garden feel. The mushrooms are made of meringue and stuffed with salted caramel sauce, the base made of choco-walnut Nutella pie, mud squares made of Nutella brownie squares, soil made of cookie crumbs and cocoa along with edible microgreens, flowers and sugar gel to resemble the water droplets on the mushrooms.

USP is: Chef Jerson Fernandes, executive chef, says, “One of the most quirky and interesting Nutella desserts, which is the perfect mix of flavours, colours and textures. The soft meringue marries the crunchy textures of the cookie soil and so does the flavours from the Nutella walnut pie and the caramel sauce stuffed inside the mushrooms.”COST: Rs 599AT: Jeon, Hotel Sea Princess, Juhu

Nutella Stones with Hazelnut and Chocolate Soil

A play on textures and flavours, this sweet treat has an earthy look  as it draws inspiration from nature. Keeping it simple and pretty on the plate.

USP is: Chef Yogen Adep, Chef De Cuisine says, “As it’s said money can’t buy happiness but it can buy Nutella. Its texture is of Nutella served with homemade hazelnut chocolate soil. Chocolatey smooth, and not overly sweet.”COST: Rs 700AT: Luna, The St Regis, Palladium, Lower Parel

Nutella Margarita

A twist to the regular margarita that will egg you on to OD on Nutella.

USP is: Mayur Luthria, founder, says, “We added Nutella to the drink to cater to nutella and chocolate lovers. It’s the best of both worlds — alcohol and Nutella.”COST: Rs 350AT: Reunion Bar and Kitchen, Dadar

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