Going Green: Reduce Your Pet's Carbon Pawprint

1/6 Thomas MacDonald
1 A natural cover-up
Keep Rover dry with the West Paw Design Cloudburst Eco Rain Jacket, made from recycled fibers. It's machine washable in case your pup likes mud puddles. From $56, westpawdesign.com

2/6 Thomas MacDonald
2 Waste not
Preloaded with biodegradable bags, the iPick Up2 dispenser, which is built from recycled kite sails, makes cleaning up after your pet easy. $9.30, 4u2reuse.com

3/6 Thomas MacDonald
3 Practice restraint
Bamboo Wagging Green collars, leashes, and harnesses are not only completely biodegradable but also fast-drying and odor resistant. Collars from $11, leashes from $22, wagginggreen.com

4/6 Thomas MacDonald
4 Rest assured
The Organic Bumper Bed from West Paw Design is bolstered with a soft filling made of recycled soda bottles, and the cotton covers come in nine colors. From $63, urbanleashandtreat.com or westpawdesign.com

5/6 Thomas MacDonald
5 Better bedding
Line bird, bunny, and hamster cages with FiberCore Eco Bedding. Made from recycled paper, it's hypoallergenic and dust-free, keeping small animals and their owners happy and healthy. $6, fibercorellc.com for stores

6/6 Thomas MacDonald
6 Seeds of change
Harrison's Bird Food is certified organic, allowing feathered friends to enjoy a meal without harming Mother Nature's other creatures. $8.09 for a one-pound bag, harrisonsbirdfoods.com

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