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11 months ago
Go minimalistic with tattoos this year! | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis

Whether you’re looking to get inked for the first time or simply want to add to your body art, minimalist tattoos offer many options. These can be geometric designs, animal outlines, symbols or phrases that don’t have too much detailing nor are heavy on colour. They’re ideal for those looking for a delicate tattoo or don’t want to spend too much on a large inking that they might regret years  later.

Something subtle

Minimalist tattoos should not be confused with small tattoos, says Mickey Malani, international tattoo artist and co-founder, Body Canvas Tattoos. “These refer to works with a very fine outline and light shading. They’ve become popular as more people want inkings that are not in-your-face. They prefer something subtle that works for the corporate environment as well. These are more popular with women than men. They often get the outline of a key, a camera, moon, or a sailing  boat. The star and bird designs are overdone now,” he adds. Tattoos with dots and lines are in demand too, these are not very symbolic and work with whatever you’re wearing. He suggests before going in for a tattoo to view the artist’s previous works and not just blindly copy a pattern from the internet as results may vary.

Trend for the year

Such tattoos, be it symbols, signs, letters or quotes look classy. All credit goes to the artist as he is responsible for bringing the entire thought into a small minimal design. Sunny Bhanushali, tattoo artist and founder, Aliens Tattoo, opines the minimalist trend will be huge this year. “We work on at least two a day. They are popular as they can be anywhere on your arm, your fingers, ankle. The best part is you do not have to flash them all the time, you can hide them when you wish,” he says, adding, “Women have a range of options when you talk about minimalist tattoos. Feather, star sign, heart, crown and pet silhouettes are popular. Minimalist tattoos done on the hand, specifically on the palm and fingers, are not recommended as they fade easily.”

Post care is essential

Swapnil Gawde, lead tattoo artist and founder, TattooStar Collective says such tattoos are ideal for people who don’t want too much detailing. “Minimalist tattoos are common for those wanting to get a phrase or logo or motif tattooed that means something to them. The wrist is the most popularly inked body part for this kind of design. The first two weeks are crucial post getting a tattoo. One needs to not wet the area and apply oil and Vaseline. Avoid sunlight too and also don’t pick on scabs as it can be itchy initially,” he adds.

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