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9 months ago
Glocal Kitchen opens its doors in suburban Malad | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis

Month-old Glocal Kitchen packs in quite a bit in its menu, serving Indian, Indonesian, Mexican, Malaysian,Peruvian, Middle Eastern, Chinese, and Korean dishes at your doorstep. Started by former journalists, Parihas Hate and Kimaya Patil, this happens to be their first venture in the food business.


Their menu has an interesting mix of dishes like Dhakgangjeong from Korea to a Persian Kuku Sabzi and even a Costa Rican Meal, which is supposedly served to married men the first time they visit their in-laws. For weight watchers there are bunless burgers and vegan options like Vegan Crab Cake, Vegan Cheese Nachos, and more. We tried their Fried Fatayer (Rs 180), Spicy Sriracha Fish with Basil (Rs 240), Garides Saganaki (Rs 340), the Redang Cottage Cheese (Rs 220), Pescado Sudado (Rs 360) and The Dakgalbi (Rs 340). The food was neatly packed in plastic containers. 

The Fried Fatayer, which is a Middle-Eastern version of the samosas was filled with feta cheese and spinach and other spices. While it tasted okay, it would be better if you have this one immediately as it’s best when had hot. The Spicy Sriracha Fish with Basil is a good starter. The Garides Saganaki was strictly okay and is recommended for those who love prawns. The Redang cottage cheese was perfect and so was the Pescado Sudado, a Peruvian Fish Stew. The Dakgalbi, a Korean preparation of chicken chunks in a hot sauce was delicious.

If you are bored of eating Indo-Chinese fare, and your tastebuds are looking for something new and exotic for lunchtime, Glocal Kitchen should be your pick. They are currently delivering at Goregaon, Malad and Kandivali.Call 02230151952

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