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1 year ago
Get This: Your Friends May Be Screwing with Your Health

Check out the list of links that should be on your radar today:


Early tests on a new malaria vaccine are looking very promising. [LA Times]

In other new developments, the founder of Tesla says he's created a technology that could let people travel 800 miles per hour. Fingers crossed he gets the funding to move forward with it! [Newser]


Unfortunately, seat belts don't work for dogs, according to a new study. [USA Today]

If your friends smoke or drink, you're more likely to practice the unhealthy habits, too, according to a new poll. (Heads-up: Your pals can also make you more likely to gain weight.) [Gallup]


A woman in Florida is begging for money street-side…for a breast augmentation. And we're sure all of the homeless pan-handlers in the area really appreciate it. [UPI]

A New York food truck is selling fake marijuana lollipops. Why?! [The Daily Meal]

An Ohio casino accidentally gave $1 million to the wrong man—but at least they let him keep it. [UPI]

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