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1 year ago
Get This: Food Is Getting Saltier

Check out the list of links that should be on your radar today:


More than three out of four new moms at least try breastfeeding, according to a new CDC report. Here's why that's a good thing. [Newser]

J.K. Rowling has announced that she plans to donate all the royalties from her new book to charity. As if you needed another reason to check it out… [Jezebel]

The House of Representatives voted to approve lower interest rates on student loans. [CNN Money]


A new lawsuit alleges that two large hospital operators have defrauded Medicaid. [USA Today]

A majority of restaurant foods and packaged foods have increased their salt content by more than 30 percent since 2005, finds a new study. [Medical Daily]

Not only does being lonely suck, but it also might make you more materialistic, according to new research. [UPI]


The most popular book request from Guantánamo prisoners? Fifty Shades of Grey, naturally. [Daily Intelligencer]

A woman in San Francisco is trying to sell the mattress on which her boyfriend cheated on her—for cheap. Sorry, but that's TMI for a Craigslist post. [Jezebel]

Chinese scientists have grown teeth-like structures from…wait for it…urine. Which is exactly what you want in or around your mouth. [Newser]

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