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Vagina not happy? Hey, it happens. Everything from exercise to sex to hormonal changes around your cycle can disrupt vaginal pH levels — the delicate balance that keeps bacterial and yeast infections at bay. Unfortunately, some products that claim to fight the symptoms of a pH imbalance — odor, discomfort, and itching — aren't pH balanced themselves and can make an uncomfortable situation worse. "A product with a 'pH balanced' label indicates that it's less likely to cause irritation when applied," says Elizabeth Stewart, M.D., author of The V Book: A Doctor's Guide to Complete Vulvovaginal Health. We found the best, perfectly balanced feminine hygiene products and are passing them on to you.

WH Pick Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel
($6, Monistat)

What It Is
A gel that goes on wet but dries as a silky powder to stop chafing.

Why We Like It
It's ideal for dreaded inner-thigh rub and vaginal discomfort on hot days or after a bikini wax.

WH Pick Rephresh Vaginal Gel
($11, The Rephreshing Truth)

What It Is
A tampon-like applicator that deposits a pH-balancing gel.

Why We Like It
One easy, no-mess application provides 3 days of perfect pH. Using it on Friday ups the odds that your weekend getaway won't be disrupted by wayward yeast or itchy vaginitis.

WH Pick Sweet Spot Labs Eau de Spot
($22, SweetSpot Labs)

What It Is
Circular alcohol-free pads that refresh and deodorize using cucumber and flower extracts.

Why We Like It
This innocent looking, purse-size refresher is just the thing for on-the-go touch-ups.

WH Pick Mystique Feminine Wipes
($6, Mystique Wipes)

What It Is
Gentle wipes that list purified water as their main ingredient, as well as several botanicals. It's a simple but strong combination designed to neutralize odors and refresh your nether regions.

Why We Like It
The chemical-free solution is gentle on even the most sensitive skin, and single-serving packaging offers anywhere, anytime convenience.

WH Pick Very Private Body Wash

What It Is
A low-sudsing, fragrance-free formula that won't cause dryness and keeps your girly parts clean as a whistle.

Why We Like It
It's dermatologist approved, and the absence of scent is a bonus if you don't like perfume.

WH Pick Original Strength Vagisil Creme
($7, Vagisil)

What It Is
A cream containing soothing Benzocaine to provide instant itch relief and create a protective film to ward off further irritation.

Why We Like It
It contains skin-soothing vitamins A, E, and D and blocks odor.
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