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Genius GPS: The Best GPS Devices

1/5 Levi Brown
Four genius GPS gadgets
Our ancestors--OK, our parents--had it rough. To keep from getting lost, they had to consult...maps. Made of paper. So last century. Today, you just press "Power." The newest global-positioning products do more than just get you from point A to point B. They offer up unprecedented detail about where you are and where you're headed, whether you're running, hiking, road-tripping, or stargazing. Here are four that will make you say "Thank heavens"--and really mean it...

2/5 Levi Brown
Best for the sky watcher
Meade MySky
Point this gadget at the sky and it will display a detailed image of the star or planet you're looking at. Then it fills you in on the heavenly body's trivia, history, and lore with text, audio, or video. A day on Saturn lasts only 10.5 hours? Who knew?

$300, for stores

3/5 Levi Brown
Best for the athlete
Trimble AllSport GPS application
Load this software onto your BlackBerry and it will display your distance, time, elevation, speed, pace, and calories burned, plus a map of your route--whether you're on foot or on two wheels. These details are also automatically sent to, which plots all your past routes on a super-detailed Google Earth map.

$6 per month or $40 per year, for stores

4/5 Levi Brown
Best for the lead-footed road warrior
Cobra Nav One 5000
This is the first GPS unit that warns you if an upcoming intersection has a speeder-spotting (and ticketing) camera. Better yet, the text on the screen is 50 percent larger than on most units, so you can spend more time watching the road.

$510, for stores

5/5 Levi Brown
Best for the mountain woman
Garmin Colorado 400t
This handheld's three-inch screen shows the steep climb ahead--in 3-D. With just a flick of a thumb, its iPod-like scroll lets you navigate preloaded topo maps of all national, state, and local parks--rivers and lakes included. Two AAs gets you 15 hours of life.

$600, for stores

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