GLAMOUR’s 14 day skin detox challenge

Welcome to Glamour’s 14 day skin detox challenge!

Scared? Don't be.

We know programmes can be hard to follow, so we've made this one as non-disruptive and easy to incorporate into your daily life as possible.

PLUS the motivation is something we all want: amazing skin.

Join us for two weeks of skin boosting recipes, advice from skin care experts and tiny tasks you can do every day to clear, hydrate and smooth your complexion.

You in?

Use today to read through all the directions, gather everything you need and we'll kick it all off tomorrow!

Share your journey with us using the hashtag #GlamourSkinDetox.

8 things to know before starting this challenge

  1. This skin detox is based on the advice of nutritionists, dermatologists, facialists and product developers. However, every skin type is different so always do what's best for you.
  2. For the best results, eat a well-balanced diet of fresh fruit, vegetables, legumes and lean protein.
  3. We will be sharing one recipe per day full of skin-loving ingredients to help you along.
  4. Cut out coffee and alcohol (sorry!). Green tea should be your fix when you need it, but try limiting it to at three cups per day.
  5. Aim for the recommended three litres of water per day. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
  6. We know you're a busy bunch, so stick to a quick cleanse, moisturise and SPF in the morning and we'll provide you with a nigh time routine for every evening.
  7. We'll be offering product suggestions throughout the challenge, but of course the detox can be followed using similar products you may already have.
  8. Take photos of your skin! Skin changes can be really subtle and if you wear makeup everyday you might not notice the improvement. Set an alarm on your phone every morning to take a quick selfie so you can compare your skin from the start and finish of this detox. Remember to use the hashtag #GlamourSkinDetox if you post on your social media.

The plan

Day 1 is all about purification. To start this detox we need a clean slate. Click here for Day 1 instructions.

Day 2 we delve even deeper into your routine to make sure your skin is squeaky clean. Click here for Day 2 instructions.

Day 3 eases you into an exfoliation routine you'll actually maintain. Click here for Day 3 instructions.

Day 4 is hella hydrating. How else will you get that dewy glow? Click here for Day 4 instructions.

Day 5 takes on the task of tightening your pesky pores. Click here for Day 5 instructions.

Day 6 has pigmentation on the skin menu, with a routine to brighten and even. Click here for Day 6 instructions.

Day 7 provides a much needed moisture boost. Click here for Day 7 instructions.

Day 8 it's time to target texture. Let's make you as smooth as Jamie Fox. Click here for Day 8 instructions.

Day 9 zones in on your peepers. Time to brighten and tighten. Click here for Day 9 instructions.

Day 10 gets the blood and the collagen flowing. Click here for Day 10 instructions.

Day 11 sets about softening any existing lines. Click here for Day 11 instructions.

Day 12 arms you with more anti-ageing tips. Click here for Day 12 instructions.

Day 13 and we're almost there. Don't ruin your hard work now by forgetting your skin's protection. Click here for Day 13 full instructions.

Day 14 is your glory day. Give your skin one final glowing treatment and get the basics right so you can keep up the good work. Click here for Day 14 full instructions.


Abigail James, International Facialist and Wellness Expert

Abigail James is one of London's top celebrity facialists. An industry expert with over a decade of experience, her signature facials, and unique massage techniques are highly sought after and respected by industry insiders, celebrities and London’s elite. At the core of her methods and philosophy is a natural approach to health and well-being, combined with advanced technology. Abigail’s work proves that beautiful skin really can be achieved with a whole health approach.

Dr. Daniel Glass, Consultant Dermatologist

UK trained Consultant Dermatologist Dr Daniel Glass is a General Medical Council registered skin specialist, qualified in both adult and paediatric Dermatology. He has specialised in Dermatology for more than a decade and Glass consults with patients across London about skin conditions such as acne, eczema and rashes, as well as discussing the diagnosis and management of skin cancer. In addition to his private practice, Dr Glass is a lead skin cancer clinician and Consultant Dermatologist at London North West Healthcare NHS Trust.

Dr Jules Nabet, Medical Director at Omniya Medi-Clinic

Dr Jules Nabet is a world-renowned French aesthetic doctor with over 25 years’ experience in his specialised field of aesthetics. Well known for his new Botox pen, baby Botox, Reaction Double Chin, a new facial filler based on dynamism and has his own hormone based skin care line and treatments such as the City Skin Buster, with clinics in Paris and London. He is the co-author of the book “The Hormone Solution: Stay Younger Longer with Natural Hormone and Nutrition Therapies” and Dr Jules Nabet has his own line of cosmeceutical skincare products.

Roz Purcell, Bestselling Cookery Author and Entrepreneur

Roz Purcell has become a successful media personality, after a winning role on Come Dine with Me Ireland, a guest chef appearance on TV3’s the Restaurant, and a stint as a Celebrity Bainisteor on RTE. Her passion for healthy food and lifestyle has earned her thousands of followers on social media, leading her to publish two cook books — Natural Born Feeder and Half Hour Hero. Roz's passion for food and fitness has taken her all around the world and her approach to cooking is simple: use whole foods to live a whole life. Roz uses her passion for food to develop tasty recipes that fuel the body, providing the energy and vitality needed to look and feel great.

Dr. Justine Hextall, dermatologist on behalf of The Harley Medical Group

Dr Hextall has a reputation for her scientific approach to anti-ageing . She takes a holistic approach to skin health and is well known for her aesthetic work and her light approach for skin rejuvenation, which focuses on skin texture, tone and hydration.

Amanda von dem Hagen, Lead Developer at Glo skin beauty

Amanda is a licensed esthetician and with a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Marketing. She is now Lead Developer at glo skin beauty where she has spent the last 5+ years.

Amy Morris, Naturopathic Nutritionist for Water for Health

Amy Morris is a Naturopathic Nutritionist who focuses on holistic health and alternative, natural treatments and therapies, which treat the body as a whole for improved health and wellbeing. Founder of Great Health Naturally, Amy prescribes a range of natural and high quality supplements and foods to her clients, to naturally improve their health and quality of life.

Aliza Marogy, Nutritional Therapist and Founder, Inessa Wellness

Aliza Marogy became an early advocate of the impact of nutrition on health, after she failed to respond to medical treatment in her teens. After conducting her own research, Aliza successfully managed a serious autoimmune condition into remission using diet and supplements. After reading languages at university, she retrained as a qualified nutritional therapist and ND, going on to establish a clinical practice that she ran for over 6 years. In 2016 she founded Inessa Wellness, a nutritional supplement company offering clinical grade nutritional supplements in convenient once daily doses direct to consumers online.

Dalia Maori, Registered Dietician

Dalia Maori is a registered dietitian who has worked in both the NHS and private practice for ten years. Dalia strongly believes in the power of nutritional therapy to reverse, manage, heal and prevent health conditions which impact both physical and mental health.

Cassandra Barns, Nutritional Therapist on behalf of Herbatint

Cassandra is a nutritional therapist and freelance writer on health and nutrition. She’s particularly interested in traditional diets and ‘real food’ nutrition, as well as digestive health, energy and sleep.


Quantities based on 1 x person.


1 x sea bass fillet
2 x skinless salmon fillets
1 x boneless trout fillet
1 x free-range chicken leg
150g sashimi-grade fresh, sustainable tuna
1 x mackerel (approx. 275g)

Fresh fruits & vegetables

3 x lemons
1 x lime
1 x bunch of kale
1 x 500g bag of spinach leaves or spinach and rocket mix
1 x punnet cherry tomatoes
1 x large butternut squash (about 1kg)
1 x medium-sized aubergine
1 x bunch of shallots
2 x avocados
1 x bunch radish
1 x banana
1 x punnet blueberries
1 x punnet raspberries
1 x fennel
1 x red onion
1 x small bunch watercress
1 x small bunch carrots
1 x pomegranate
1 x small bunch fresh dill
1 x small bunch fresh basil
1 x small bunch of coriander
1 x red chilli
50g green beans
Knob of ginger
Olives (optional)

Pantry items

Check your cupboards first!
Cayenne pepper
Ras el hanout spice mix
Cumin seeds
Ground coriander
Dried chilli flakes
Curry powder
Chicken stock cubes
Vegetable stock cubes
Dijon mustard
Extra virgin olive oil
Avocado oil (can substitute for olive oil)
Small jar of coconut oil
Vanilla extract
Soy sauce
Sesame oil
Red wine vinegar
50g red lentils
55g quinoa
130g self-raising flour
15g caster sugar
100g walnuts
Black sesame seeds (optional)

Supplements & powders

Super Glowy£25 Glow Bar
1 tsp beetroot powder
1 tsp strawberry powder


Purchase in small amounts unless specified.
1 x loaf of sourdough or rye bread
350ml macadamia milk (or any other non-dairy milk)
1/2 tsp rose water
Light tahini
Agave syrup
Yuzu juice
Rapeseed oil

Ready to start the challenge? Click here for Day 1 instructions.

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