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Found: The Best Eyeliner to Wear to the Gym

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Shay Kostabi, fitness instructor

Pictured at Sunset Junction in Los Angeles

Lorna Jane top ($63.99,
Fabletics sporta bra ($19.95,
Fabletics leggings ($59.95,
Flash Tattoos ($22,

Which different studios do you work at? 
I teach Flybarre at Flywheel Sports West Hollywood and in New York when I'm in town. I also teach at The Movement Fitness in New York City, where my ReXist360 HIIT class just recently launched. I teach about 10 classes a week. 

Do you do other workouts on your own, or just exercise by leading classes?
I try to get my own workout in every day, but honestly it's tough to find time for my own workout—just like it is for everybody else.

How many different pairs of workout pants would you say you own?
I probably have at least 60 pairs of workout pants and spend about 80 percent of my time in workout clothes, so fitness fashion is really important to me. I want to look and feel great. But I need clothes that perform at a high level and carry me through the day, too. 

Your eyeliner is amazing—what kind is it?
Sephora Collection Colorful Waterproof Eyeliner 24-Hour Wear ($12, It rarely smudges, even while I'm teaching. I love eyeliner and mascara in the blackest of blacks. If I have nothing else on, I'm wearing these and a little lip gloss. 

Where’s the most unexpected place you’ve worn workout clothes? 
I was doing a photo shoot on the Highline (in New York City) and got invited to a last-minute dinner at a really fancy Italian restaurant nearby with tablecloths and servers in tails. I was wearing sweaty workout gear and neon sneakers. I was so embarrassed. But nobody seemed to mind. 


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