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7 months ago
Foods You Should Never Reheat

Certain foods could turn toxic while cooking, which will make you feel sick temporarily or the negative effects could build-up in your body overtime. Reheating foods or turning your leftovers into a whole new meal could affect your health in a large way.

1. Rice :

After cooking rice, do not keep the rice at room temperature to cool it down.

2. Cooking Oil:

Many a times, people make the mistake of reheating the cooked oil over and over again. This is an improper cooking technique and reheating the same cooking oil again can reduce its nutritional value and also it may cause digestion problems.

3. Potatoes

Just like cooked rice, cooked potatoes should not be left at room temperature, as they are also quite prone to bacterial formation. It is also advisable to never reheat the potatoes

4. Burnt Toas

After burning the toast, a toxin called acrylamide gets released, which can cause stomach issues and indigestion.

5. Microwave Popcorn

If you have the habit of making popcorn in a microwave, then you should definitely stop doing it. It is because microwave popcorn contains perfluorooctanoic acid, which can prove to be harmful for your body. It may even lead to cancer and other diseases.

6. Nitrate Vegetables:

High nitrate vegetables like celery, spinach and beetroot can turn toxic when exposed to heat. While reheating these vegetables, they release carcinogenic properties that make these foods toxic, which is quite harmful for your health.

7. Chicken :When the chicken becomes cold or if it is refrigerated, the protein composition present in the chicken changes. If chicken is reheated for the second time, it may cause digestive problems and other sorts of health issues.

8. Mushrooms After cooking mushrooms, it should be consumed soon after it is prepared.

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