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11 months ago
Foods That Can Cause Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is the result of eating contaminated, spoiled or toxic food. Pathogens can be found in all the foods that humans consume. Cooking kills most of the pathogens, so that’s one of the most important reasons on why you shouldn’t eat raw foods.
These are some common foods that could cause food poisoning.
1. Leafy Greens
Leafy greens are an integral part of your salad and also in numerous dishes. Leafy greens like lettuce, spinach, cabbage are contaminated by dirt, mud and dirty water rinses. So, it is rather essential to wash them properly and boil them before consuming.
2. Eggs
Eggs are contaminated with Salmonella bacteria that can lurk inside the egg. It occurs during hen incubation before the shells are even developed. So, cooking them is the best way to avoid food poisoning.
3. Meat
Poultry chicken and ground beef cause food-borne illnesses if not consumed in a proper way. The meat is contaminated with Salmonella and Staph bacteria. Never consume undercooked meat, instead make sure that you cook it thoroughly.
4. Tuna
Tuna fish is contaminated with scombrotoxin which causes flushes, headaches and cramps. If tuna fish is stored at 60 degrees after being caught, it can release the toxin which cannot be destroyed by cooking. Fresh fish is what matters the most.
5. Tomatoes
Tomatoes if kept for a long time outside can get spoilt easily. It is one of the major causes of food poisoning.
6. Sprouts
While sprouts are a favourite among the weight-loss lovers. Sprouts are considered as a healthy food, but the seeds sprout in warm and moist conditions, which attract bacteria.

7. Shellfish
Shellfish like oysters, crab, shrimp and lobsters are often harmful food poisoning-causing bacteria even before they are fished out of water. Shellfish contain germs such as bacteria that can cause food poisoning if it’s not cooked properly.
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