Hair growth and length is affected by factors like genetic, environment, diet and life style. For healthy and strong hair it is important to eat the diet full of protein and vitamins. Each hair strand is made up of cells containing keratin protein and these cells are required to be regularly nourished with vitamins so as to make hair strong and healthy. Here is a list of perfect foods for stronger and healthier hair –

Eggs – Hairs are made from keratin and protein and protein rich diet like eggs works as building blocks of hair. Eggs are the richest natural source of protein so include enough quantity of eggs in your diet for healthy hair.


Leafy vegetables – Leafy vegetables like spinach is essential for maintaining iron in the body. In
case of iron deficiency in the body, oxygen, and nutrients do not get transported to hair roots and follicles which make hair thin leading to hair fall. Hence include the higher ratio of leafy dark vegetables in your diet.


Carrots – Carrot has Vitamin A which is required for formation of sebum oil in hair roots. Sebum keeps hair scalp
moisturised and helps in hair growth. So try to drink carrot juice every day for healthy hair and perfect eye vision.


Whole grains – Whole grains contains biotin, iron, zinc and vitamin B, these are essential for healthy body and mind. Biotin helps in producing amino acids which
is a vital ingredient for cell proliferation and boosts hair growth.


Nuts and seeds - Nuts and seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, biotin, and Vitamin E, required for hair nourishment and hair thickening. It can protect your hair against damage and fall.


Lentils: - Include lentils in your diet for
at-least two to three times a week for healthy hair and scalp. Lentils are rich in folic acid which helps in transmitting a requisite amount of oxygen to scalp and hair roots which boost hair growth and renewal of cells.


Citrus Foods - Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons are full of Vitamin C which works great for hair growth and shine. Vitamin C provides for the formation of collagen which keeps naturally
moisturised hair.


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