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10 months ago
Eye makeup mistakes that could be making your dark circles more noticeable

Do your dark circles become more prominent when you put on your eye makeup or probably after you wipe it off? Here are a few mistakes you could be making:

  • Not wiping off your eye-makeup properly: The residues of your makeup will only darken your dark circles. It is very important that you wipe off all the makeup around your eyes with makeup wipes and then moisturise the area.
  • Using too much waterproof makeup: Waterproof makeup products are very difficult to wash off, creating a mess around your eyes usually. It not only enhances your dark circles but also makes your eyes look tired.
  • Sleeping with makeup on: This dehydrates your eyes. It makes your eyes look too sleepy and wrinkly. If you don’t want to wake up with worse dark circles do not sleep with your makeup on.
  • Doing smokey eyes all the time: Smokey eyes need a lot of cleanups later. Layers and layers of shadow, liner and kajal leave stains around the eyes that take time to come off completely.
  • Not using a mascara: Even after applying proper makeup and concealing your dark circles if you see that your dark circles look prominent then maybe you are missing out on mascara or some false lashes. Mascara ‘opens’ up your eyes and makes them look bigger.
  • Oily makeup: Overly moisturised, dewy or oily makeup don’t camouflage dark circles properly, in fact, it reflects light in a way that your dark circles look darker. If you find out that your makeup has become too oily all you have to do is grab some loose face powder and dab some on your cheeks and under your eye.
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