Extended Foreplay Could Be the Key to Achieving Intense, Full-Body Orgasms

There are certain things in life that should never be rushed, including a good meal and good sex - but especially sex. Although the average duration of intercourse is actually much shorter than most of us think (15 to 17 minutes at best, according to data), the secret to intense orgasms is in foreplay. We spoke with holistic relationship and sex expert Kim Anami, who shared what most men and women get wrong about the pregame.

"I think for most people, foreplay is a very cursory experience; it's very limited and very quick," Kim told POPSUGAR. "There's a graze of the nipples, there might be a little bit of stimulation - if you're lucky - on the labia and the perineum, the inner thighs. But you can spend just 15 minutes stimulating the breasts."

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