Erotic scents that will get you in the mood

You may have heard of foods that could put you in the mood, but have you heard of scents that could scintillate your senses? Apparently, there are quite a few aphrodisiacal smells that can take your mood from ‘not tonight, dear’ to ‘let’s get dirty!’ in minutes. We’ve rounded up some of them for you to try out.



Who doesn’t like the smell of cinnamon? The earthy scent of this spice is found to increase blood flow to the nether regions. Pop open a bottle of cinnamon oil and dab a little behind your ears and on the hollow of your throat to smell as sexy as the spice does.   


It’s not for nothing that vanilla has been used in perfumes and candles since time immemorial. Vanilla is a feel-good natural aphrodisiac that allows you to relax, and its effects are found to work majorly on men.


Studies have found that peppermint enhances sexual desire in women and can help them achieve multiple orgasms. The stimulating, minty scent also improves mood, refreshes the breath and is an overall pleasant scent for the senses.  


The scent of a tangy orange can be quite arousing. No wonder then that the aroma of citrus fruits has made its way into body lotions, soaps and perfumes.


Sandalwood has a heady, woody aroma that is perfect for massage oils and colognes. It is believed to amplify sexual responses and induce stronger orgasms, thus guaranteeing an amazing time in bed.

This humble scent is a champion in inducing calmness. But it’s time to view this innocent scent differently and also give it credit for its arousing properties. Since lavender works very well in reducing stress, it helps people lower their inhibitions in the bedroom. Light some scented lavender candles or opt for lavender essential oil and explore each other with a sensual massage.

Considering how roses are practically the symbol of love and romance, there’s no way this scent cannot be on the list, right? The scent of this flower is supposed to be a mood lifter and even helps in boosting a person’s self-esteem. Why not turn things over and gift your guy a nice, big bouquet for a change? Ask him to find a way to thank you for it later.  

With inputs from Simran Ahuja

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