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Enjoy The Benefits of Fast Food Delivery in Gurgaon

Located near the National Capital Region (NCR) of Delhi, Gurgaon has a number of slick buildings which houses the top multinational companies in the world, which is why, once a sleepy suburb of Delhi, now boasts millions of inhabitants, coming from different parts of the country. Gurgaon has the third highest income per capita in India. People with different cultural background, religion and eating habit reside over this populous district.

The Millennium City Gurgaon offers a plethora of restaurants, countless malls, pubs, hotels and variety of street foods — basically it’s a great city for someone to explore and try out new dishes every time. The industrial and commercial hub of the region of Haryana has a population of over 1,500,000 people. Today’s online food delivery in Gurgaon has the capacity to deliver delicious meals all over the city.

Different people have different choices. Since the spending power in Gurgaon is high among average Indian middle-class citizen who are much more experimental in their taste. Thanks to the growing use of smart phones you can check these online food delivery apps such as foodpanda, freshmenu, zomato, etc., and order delectable dishes at your doorstep.

Due to its high in calorie count fast food isn’t considered to be the best choice of meal when had on a regular basis. But to be really true to yourself one does yearn for a pavbhaji, veggie mayo sandwiches or paneer roll for that matter, every once in a while.

Some of the popular online food delivery in Gurgaon are as follows:

Burger Point is a popular burger joint with a wide range of delectable burgers and also a cheaper alternative to McD and Burger King. Famous for its delicious biryanis, Biryani Blues is a must try and is a cheaper alternative. Old is Gold — the phrase perfectly suits for the delicious jalebis of Sardar Jalebi Wala, located in old Gurgaon’s main market. Don’t judge the place by its roadside stall — one needs to wait for several minutes before getting his turn to order.

Café Wanderlust is a sporty hangout parlour, and especially favourite for vegetarian [although they’re seemingly more of an eggatarian]. But if you strictly vegetarian, then Om sweets serves some of the best sweets and is known for being one of the best multi-cuisine joints in Arjun Nagar. The golgappas, strawberry milkshake and chocolate truffle pastry form the star attraction of this joint. Though a slightly expensive choice in the list [Rs 1800 for 2], The Monk at Sector 15 serves authentic Chinese food.

Bombay Best PaavBhaji in Sector 4 serves one of the delectable paavbhajis. Some of the other names which deserves mention are Delhi ChaatBhandaar, LajavaabChaap Express, Singh Chicken Corner, Delhi Light Chur —ChurNaan, Pappu Fish Corner and others.

Seriously! It is impossible to end a list of eateries, especially when it comes to listing out the best fast food joints. Every nook of the city has something exciting to offer to its countless visitors and inhabitants. But thanks to these online apps, one can order Indian food online just checking out food delivery apps such as swiggy, zomato, freshmenu, etc.

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