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11 months ago
Embryo frozen 24 years ago now delivered as a healthy baby in US

New Delhi: The longest frozen embryo has come to term, say reports. A 26-year-old woman from the US gave birth to a baby from a donated embryo that was frozen for 24 years.

According to the Daily Mail, baby Emma Wren Gibson was conceived and fertilized in 1992. However, she was not implanted but frozen instead.

Due to cystic fibrosis, Tina Gibson — who is a 1991 baby — was unable to conceive naturally with her husband Benjamin.

That is when they decided to go for the frozen embryo option from the National Embryo Donation Centre in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Post its thawing process, the embryo was transferred to Tina in March 2017 in a procedure similar to IVF.

However, the couple only learned of its 'age' on the morning they realised they were pregnant.

"Honestly my I was just really worried that it wouldn't work," Tina told the Daily Mail. Adding, "I was like 'I don't want a world record, I want a baby!' But Ben was completely intrigued by it."

But just moments later, it dawned on her how mind-blowing this was. "I said, 'you know, I'm just 25... me and her, we could've been best friends," she said.

Tina experienced no complications throughout her pregnancy. On November 25, she gave birth to a health baby weighing six pounds and eight ounces.

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