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6 months ago
Does farting actually burn calories?

There is no denying that farting can make you feel extremely light especially when you have been bloated as hell. Many also claim that farting can help burn calories. But is this true? Let us hear it from gastroenterologist Dr Indraneel Saha.

Farting does not burn calories
If you thought that you can fart yourself thin, you were wrong. Contrary to what you may have read on the internet, farting does not burn calories. An average person has around 0.5 to 1.5 litres of gas in the digestive tract so even if you fart 20 times a day, you will still be in the normal range of farts in a day. So if farting actually burned calories you would burn around half a kilo of weight every two to three days. Passing gas is a passive bodily function where your muscles relax when you pass gas, and calories burn from muscle activity, not inactivity. And since your muscles are not working, straining yourself to the limit while farting will really not burn any calories. Even if you pass the most explosive fart, it can be pretty difficult for you to burn calories. Here’s why you should not hold in your fart. 

The pulsating effects makes you fart during a workout
And if you have the tendency of farting during a workout, it is not because you are burning calories. It is because of the pulsating effects of the vigorous exercises that trigger involuntary farting. Especially when you perform a workout squeezing those core muscles, you squeeze your colon too in the process pushing out the air through your digestive tract. Also, due to heavy breathing and swallowing air through the mouth, the excess air can get trapped in the gastrointestinal tract only to be released through the anus. Here are 7 reasons you keep farting every now and then. 

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