Do women have erections during sex like men? Expert speaks

Do you know that women do have erections too? Yes! We are talking about clitoral erection. Our clitoris gets an erection too, of course not like the penis but it does get firmer and stiffer when a woman is sexually aroused. This erection can happen due to other reasons too but sexual arousal is its main stimuli. Among the various signs of a woman’s sexual arousal, clitoral stimulation is also included. According to Dr Rajan Bhonsle who is a renowned sexologist, ‘A woman can have her clitoris erected when she is sexually aroused but what you must keep in mind is that it depend highly on the size and shape of the vagina of each woman.’

How does the clitoris gets erected when you are sexually aroused?

When you are sexually aroused the clitoris gets erected or stiffens and becomes enlarged and firm. However, it is not exclusively, associated with sexual arousal but is mostly seen when the woman is sexually aroused quite close to the penile erection in men.
What happens to the clitoris when it is erected?

The clitoris is the similar to the penis in the female body. Yes! Even though it is way smaller than the penis, the clitoris is the part that is jutting out your vagina on the top that is visible on the outside from the upper labial fold. Now when a woman is sexually aroused, the motion around that area increases the blood flow to the clitoris. This also results in increased secretions and lubrication of the vagina too. When the clitoris is engorged with blood two expandable erectile structures(known as corpora cavernosa) gets erected and that’s how your little clitoris gets an erection.
However, what you should know is that even though sexual arousal is the main stimuli that cause erection, it could happen due to other forms of physiological stimuli too.

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