Do Loving FLRs Promote the Personal Development of Man and Woman?

Personal development can be determined in different ways. Someone who learns to play an instrument is investing in personal development. If someone invests in learning more about culinary arts that person is involved in personal development. Also, when a person makes the decision to learn a new language it has an impact on their personal development. How does a  Loving FLR help in the personal development of a man and a woman?

On the surface Female Led Relationships do not give a chance for personal development, especially for a man. This is because in its origins FLR is associated with being in opposition of  various feminist and patriarchal theories. Relationships motivated by this form of opposition reminds me of Marxism, which emphasized class struggle. Some FLR feminist ideas introduce competition between genders which replaces class struggle with gender conflicts. In order to allow the space for significant personal development, a man and a woman should work together.

In a world where women are stepping up to fight for their rights and to have their skills valued, this demand for equality and validation may lead to wars waged between the sexes. A war of the sexes cannot promote personal development because the opposing parties are more focused on winning the competition against each other rather than making decisions that are positive for their personal progress as individuals. What makes Loving FLR a crucial element for personal development is love.

In this world there is hatred between man and woman, leading to contempt for each other, this hatred fit squarely into Marxist and feminist ideas, the same ideas that promote gender conflict. In the context of a FLR that promotes control and competition, if degradation and dehumanization of man is present the couple will gain nothing and consequently there is no personal development. The woman should not aim to win over her partner, she should aim to win with her partner.

When there is love between a man and a woman it introduces changes that can give rise to personal development. In a Loving FLR the man strives to improve himself in order to make himself a stronger partner for the woman he loves. The woman aims to improve herself so that she is a more capable leader to steer the progress of the relationship and their lives. If both are operating in a relationship that is not based on love but rather selfish and competitive ideas that beg to declare a clear winner, then the relationship between them becomes immobilizing.

On the internet you will find many versions of FLR rules and concepts, but Loving FLR assumes the basic premise of mutual love and support, therefore promoting the ideas of personal development for both.  Placing Loving FLR in a relationship as a natural law and basic principal gives a chance for the personal development of the man and the woman. When we talk about a woman and a man engaging in a Loving FLR it is not just about helping her at home or helping her to run a business. We must also recognize and have the desire to control the destructive powers of anger, sexual selfishness, lust, or the desire for total possession of our partners. When we can learn to restrain our desire for control of the other, we become Kings and Queens operating in a functioning system that can propel our relationships forward.

In a Loving FLR, the woman undertakes the leadership of the relationship’s progress and it is important that her love will endure righteously for the good of both partners. As she takes his well-being as her responsibility and he does the same, both partners can and will experience personal development expressed through loving each other.

~ Juliusz P.

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