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Do Anti-Ageing Creams Work? We Tell You What Really Works And What Doesn’t!

All of us want to “age gracefully”, but none of us want to look old! Once you hit your 30s, you start to scrutinize your face for signs of aging and you then inevitably decide to shell out for an anti-aging cream. You slather on your cream every night and cross your fingers hoping for miraculous results, or at least some visible change… but it doesn’t happen!

No, it’s not just you, this is a common complaint and so we decided to dig a little deeper; we were shocked by what we found out!

Why Most Anti-Aging Creams Don’t Really Work

Dermatologists and skin care experts say that the benefits of any over-the-counter anti-aging cream are modest at best”

Cosmetic creams that do not require a doctor’s prescription do not face the same rigorous testing as medicated creams, in fact they don’t even have to prove that they are effective. The CDSCO (Central Drugs Standard Control Organization) regulates the manufacture and import of cosmetics BUT only to ensure that the products are not harmful — they do not determine their effectiveness. It’s no wonder that the Indian market for anti-ageing products is approximately 1,400 crore rupees!

We thought that at least the big brand anti-aging products would be different, since they boast exotic ingredients and come along with a hefty price tag; shockingly, we found that this means little to nothing! Dermatologists and skin care experts warn against expecting too much from any over-the-counter anti-aging cream, as their benefits are modest at best — which is to say that a cream that costs 6,000 bucks is likely to have pretty much the same effect as a 60 rupee bottle of moisturizer!

Science Backed Anti-Aging Treatments That Work

Chemicals such as retinol & AHAs & some plant extracts as well have scientifically proven anti-aging effects”

Yes, your anti-aging cream is not the magical ‘face-lift in a bottle’ that you were secretly hoping it would be but don’t be too disheartened. We researched several Indian anti-aging therapies and found that there are some anti-aging treatments that are backed by plenty of research and evidence. Chemicals such as retinol and AHAs and even some plant extracts have scientifically proven anti-aging effects.


Retinol is a form of vitamin A and it is a very effective anti-aging topical treatment. Retinol boosts collagen production, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles and ramps up cell turnover in the upper layer of your skin. This reduces spots and pigmentation marks for a smooth and even complexion.

The downside of retinol creams is that it can take 3 months or more to get visible results, so you need to stick with the same cream for at least that long.

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs)

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are naturally occurring acids, such as glycolic and lactic acid that are found in many foods. These acids and can be used to peel away the top layer of skin to get to the smoother skin below, without damaging causing any damage. Creams that contain AHAs also reduce wrinkles and can completely erase fine lines.

Cinnamon Extract

Cinnamon extract has been proven to promote collagen production by inducing collagen biosynthesis. The underlying molecular mechanism can help to reduce the symptoms of aging skin. However, treatments using cinnamon extract could take months to show results and so you would need to use it for at least 4-6 months on a regular basis.

Amla Extract

Amla is an important part of traditional Indian medicine and scientists have just started to understand all the possible health benefits of this fruit. Amla extract improves overall skin texture and promotes the production of procollagen, which is required for collagen. Research shows that amla extract has therapeutic as well as cosmetic properties and can help to reduce skin damage and provide a more youthful completion.

Our Take

Many anti-aging creams promise pretty much instant results, but it is important to understand that there are limitations to topical applications and that even the best of them will require months to show results. Our suggestion is that you use the treatments mentioned above and if you are consistent, you could get the complexion you’ve always dreamed of — the soft supple skin of an adolescent minus the pimples!

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