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11 months ago
Did you know cosmetics can increase the risk of breast cancer?

Every woman must know that there is no single risk factor that can put you at risk for breast cancer. In most cases, multiple factors are involved in increasing a woman’s risk. This could range from disruption of a normal sleep cycle to lack of exercise. Advancing age, not having children, not having breastfed are factors commonly linked to an increased risk of developing breast cancer. Consumption of alcohol has also been implicated as a key risk factor for breast cancer. Moreover, an unhealthy diet which is rich in saturated fats can also put you at risk of cancer in women. While most women think that having a family history of breast cancer is one of the main risk factors, according to experts, family history of breast cancer is seen only in 10-15 % of newly diagnosed patients. Moreover, there is one risk factor that most women are unaware of that can increase the risk of breast cancer — cosmetics. Here are few risk factors for breast cancer you should know.

Yes, according to Dr Kanchan Kaur, Associate Director, Breast Services, Cancer care, Medanta-The Medicity, cosmetics can put a woman at risk of breast cancer. This is because cosmetics contain chemicals that are known to disrupt the normal female hormonal balance in the body. Known as endocrine mimickers, exposure to these chemicals daily through cosmetics can be linked to an increased risk of developing many cancers including breast cancer. Endocrine mimickers such as xenoestrogens mimic the female hormone estrogen. These chemicals also interfere with the development and reproductive ability of a woman due to hormonal complications. Also read can your bra cause breast cancer?

Hence, it is wise to look at the ingredients before buying cosmetics to be on a safer side. Also, opting for herbal personal care products than chemical-laden cosmetics is also a good idea as these do not contain endocrine mimickers. However, one should always remember that being aware of the risk factors and a regular breast self-examination can go a long way in the early detection of breast cancer.

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