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Detox with Yoga

"This detox sequence transforms old, stagnant energy into the positive kind, allowing it to flow freely throughout your body," says Maya Fiennes, a kundalini yoga instructor and classical pianist in London. Fiennes says this series of poses is specifically created to release stress and tension and rebuild the immune system.

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Sequence #1: Heart-Healing Yoga
Sequence #2: Revenge-Body Yoga

Mantra (A)
Sit in a cross-legged seated position (sukhasana). Keeping your eyes closed say the mantra SAT KAR TAR. As you say SAT, press the hands together in prayer position.

Mantra (B)
As you say KAR, extend your arms straight out in front of you, parallel to the floor.

Mantra (C)
As you say TAR, open your arms out to the sides. Continue this for 5 minutes.

Crow pose (bakasana) (A)
Being able to lift your entire body off the ground while balancing on just your arms means you can pick yourself up after anything—even a messy breakup.

From a deep squat, place your hands flat on the floor in front of you so they are shoulder-width apart. Come to your tiptoes and walk your feet closer to your body. Then slowly bring your weight forward onto your hands and off your feet until your knees touch your upper arms. As you deepen the bend in your elbows, inch the knees up above the elbows, bringing them as close to your armpits as possible. Then transfer the weight fully onto your arms, squeeze your elbows in, tighten your abs, and press your shins into your forearms, causing your feet to float up behind you.

Crow pose (bakasana) (B)
While balancing try this breathing technique: Stick out your tongue and breathe in and out like a dog panting. Try doing this for 1 full minute. Use a block under your toes for balance if you need to. You’ll get the arm and core workout while building your sense of balance and getting emotional release from the panting breath.

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Sequence #1: Heart-Healing Yoga
Sequence #2: Revenge-Body Yoga

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