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1 year ago
Delhi smog — Funniest tweets about the smog on Indian Twitter

Gas chamber- that’s how Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has described the smog in the capital. The thick fog has caused a number of health woes and accidents. The Delhi government has issued an advisory asking people to use carpool and public transport, stay indoors and not to smoke. Schools have been shut. The Delhi government has said that it’s going to implement the Odd Even car policy from November 13 to 17 in order to curb air pollution. Avoid going for morning and evening walks, strenuous activities, deodorants and room sprays — these are just some of the precautions the Delhi government wants you to undertake. Try Rujuta Diwekar’s home remedies to beat the ill effects of Delhi smog.
Even as the concerns about the Delhi smog mount, the Twitterati is doing its bit by adding to the already vast and ongoing commentary on this manmade disaster. Here we compile some of the funniest tweets that we have come across on the Delhi smog.

Image source: Twitter/@faroutakhtar

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