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10 months ago
Decadence remains, but in extreme modernity: Anamika Khanna | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis

Decadence is something which has been the core of the brand Anamika Khanna. The lady who pioneered sari pants and cape dupattas has created new silhouettes for Spring Resort 2018 as the Lakme Absolute Grand Finale designer. However, when we ask her to throw some light on her new look, she wants it to be a surprise. “Let this be a surprise, there will be a lot of experimental silhouettes,” shares she. Over to the lady...

How will this finale be different from all the finales you’ve done in the past? 

Each finale is special. However, this year we have taken a decision to push all the fashion boundaries and Lakmé’s theme of Reinventing Nudes palette helped us do that.

Is it a ready-to-wear line or it’s going to be full-blown couture finale? 

This collection is difficult to define and put in any bracket, it is very experimental using couture technique.

What are the key referral points in terms of mood inspiration in this line? 

Decadence remains, but in extreme modernity. A lot of fabric development and manipulation techniques are used. Using traditional zardozi in the most experimental ways and mixing various textile colours and print makes each piece one off.

Any new techniques, skills which you’ve experimented especially for this collection? 

The whole collection is based on new experiments. This time the mix of materials is done which has never been used before. Also, it is interesting to see a different interpretation of Lakmé’s theme of Reinventing Nudes.

Who did you have in mind when you were working on this line? Was there a muse?

The inspiration is the new millennial who is bold enough to wear their individuality on their sleeves. They don’t want to follow social norms and make their own. Not to forget, Lakmé’s theme also played a role in bringing this collection together.

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