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11 months ago
Dear men, ditch blacks and greys in 2018. Here are 10 ways to rock the navy blue...

There is a reason why the navy blue suit is going to be the next big thing. Already touted as one of the ‘It’ trends for fall-winter 2018, navy blue has made its presence felt across fashion shows for the season, as well as those for spring-summer 2018.

Navy blue is a colour for all seasons. It’s dark, but not black. It’s a stable colour, and can be both formal and youthful. It also makes for a great base colour spelling elegance and class.

Here are the ten ways to rock the navy blue suit:

*Keep it smooth: Stick to 100% virgin wool fabrics, as they work well with navy blue. Excessive matte finishes or very smooth suits can actually make a navy suit look too shiny and that would take away from the depth of its colour. One can accessorise this look with simple black cuffs to make the attire look classy.

*Flaunt the formals: Choose plain white as contrast for a very formal look. When in doubt, you can always pair a navy blue suit with a plain white stiff shirt for a very formal look, but use it for specific occasions. A lighter-coloured tie, can add life to the entire ensemble.

*Contrast it up: Play the contrasting game, with a lighter blue shirt. This is an ultra-conservative look, and perfect for the board room power play. Add some relief to it with a solid contrasting tie in red or maroon.

You can always pair a navy blue suit with a plain white stiff shirt for a very formal look, but use it for specific occasions. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

*Keep it casual: If you are looking for a more casual look, then wear a pin-striped shirt under it, and let go of the tie. This look is perfect for a business casual dinner. One can also accessorise it with smart cuffs or quirky brooch.

*Mini is more: Day-wear suits, especially for lunches, and weddings are perfectly paired with a simple light pastel coloured shirt, and a tie in neutral tones. This adds elegance to the entire outfit, while keeping it less formal.

*Edge it up: If you want to break from tradition, and keep the look more edgy, opt for a grey shirt under your blue suit. The result is a cool tone of grey making a soft contrast to the deep solid colour of blue. It’s fashionable and dapper and should be paired with bold-coloured accessories like a red pocket square.

*Accessorise: A navy blue suit is best paired with formal accessories, like a leather belt or Oxford shoes. Navy is a neutral colour, so both brown and black go with it.

*Break the monotony: Looking to make this style edgier? Then how about a gingham shirt? Gingham has really made its presence felt this season, so opt for a blue gingham shirt, which will look fresh and break the monotony of the overall blue.

*Be out there: Don’t like the Oxford look? Opt for trainers in lighter colours that contrast with your suit, for a really ‘out there’ look.

*Slide into informal: A great way to wear navy blue in summer is to pair it with a white t-shirt, for a very chic and informal look. It also brings a fresh new way to wear the suit, but make sure your t-shirt is a fresh, white and crisp.

– Inputs from Rohan Khattar, founder, Minizmo.

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