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1 year ago
Daily Dose: April 9, 2013

Check out the list of links that should be on your radar today:


Men feel “mommy guilt,” too, according to new research. As they should! [Toronto Star]

Jason Segel is reportedly writing a book for young adults. Totally preordering that on Amazon. [Jezebel]

AMC is thinking about making a Breaking Bad spinoff. [Vulture]


As if drivers who text weren’t scary enough, now you have to worry about pilots who text while flying. [Bloomberg]

Another reason to put down the booze: Researchers have found arsenic in hundreds of beer samples—and some contain more than twice the U.S. limit for water. [Newser]

An increasing number of online journals will publish almost anything for a price—so now it’s harder to distinguish between legitimate studies and pseudo-science. [NYT]


A new poll finds that 87 percent of women are turned off if a dude has b.o. Thank you, Captain Obvious. [Reuters]

The newest way to lower your colon cancer risk, according to researchers: avoid space travel. Well, that’s helpful. []

A Texas chain called Bikinis just secured a trademark for the word “Breastaurant.” We didn’t realize the term was in such hot demand. [Eater]

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