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10 months ago
DIY moisturising scrub and mask to keep your skin hydrated in winter

The winter chill and cold winds can leave your skin feeling dull and dry. Chapped skin not only looks unsightly but is also more susceptible to the damaging UV rays from the sun. So whip up this moisturising scrub and mask at home recommended by beauty blogger Anuradha Goswami to keep your skin fresh and well-hydrated during winter.

Flaxseeds and cream moisturising scrub

To use the scrub,

  • Grind one cup flaxseeds or sunflower seeds in a blender or a coffee grinder. The seeds should be in the consistency of coarse sand. Both flaxseeds and sunflower seeds help the skin remain warm and moist. They are rich in anti-inflammatory properties that are vital for healing redness and other facial skin issues by getting rid of pathogens and other agents causing skin infections.
  • Then place the ground seeds in a bowl, add half cup heavy cream and mix well.
  • Then wash your face, and gently apply the scrub over your damp skin.  Gently massage the scrub onto your face for a minute and then rinse your face with warm water. Then pat your skin dry with a soft towel. Here are 10 winter care tips your skin will thank you for. 

For the papaya moisturising mask,

  • Peel one ripe papaya and remove the seed. Then place the papaya in a bowl and mash it with a fork until the fruit becomes smooth. You can also use avocado instead of papaya to prepare the moisturising mask. Papaya contains vitamins C & B, fibre and minerals such as magnesium and potassium that helps in hydrating and nourishing your skin.
  • Then add one teaspoon olive oil and mix well. Now spread the mixture over your face and neck.
  • Let the mixture settle on your skin for 15 to 20 minutes before you rinse your face with lukewarm water. Then apply your favourite moisturiser once you are done with cleaning your face. Here are 4 skin care ingredients you should avoid in winter. 

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