DIY Makeup Primers

DIY Makeup Primers

Primer is most important part of whole makeup and a perfectly applied primer makes makeup look flawless. Primer is used as a base for makeup and it provides shine to makeup as well as keeps makeup stay for a long time. The primer can easily cover your skin large pores and wrinkles.

Here are homemade primer tips which can help you in making DIY primer with ease -

                                        Recipe 1:


a. Aloe vera, it should be pre-packed in gel form.

b. You should have moisturizer.

c. Face powder, witch hazel and foundation you can use for matte effect (optional).


Mix 1 Tbsp moisturizer with the 1 Tbsp aloe vera gel, 1/4 Tbsp foundation and then witch hazel and pinch powder. You have to decide the type of matte primer as per your wish. Mix everything very well and keep it in a jar for sometimes.

                                           Recipe 2:


a. In this, if you take 1 part of glycerin then you should take 3 parts of water.

Instructions: Combine water and glycerine very well and keep it in a spray bottle. Shake well before and then use it on your face.

Another way, you can mix glycerine with moisturizer, it is primer for your skin to put the makeup.


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